Spiritual initiations and subtle energies

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rlweb6As new realities unfold on the planet and the higher levels of consciousness become anchored and integrated, on an individual level each of us will be clearing our “past” which is often reflected in our rather rigid belief systems and emotional habits and opening up our bodies to be able to be able to handle greater quantities of higher frequency energies. This process is sometimes referred to as the initiation process. Many people will know of the writings of Alice Bailey on the subject in the 1930s. In fact, every realization, every change of consciousness, every moment inspired by love and compassion which we have, could be called an initiation. There is not a point where we become enlightened and suddenly things stop. It is an ongoing process. If we are seeking “enlightenment” it is important to see where our motivation comes from. Many beings on the planet are taking their first and second initiations but it is perhaps the third main passage into light, the soul merge which marks a turning point in the spiritualization of our physical body. In this moment, the channel for the soul energy begins to be built and grounded. As old limitations fall away and we begin to surrender our personal will to Divine will, we become more able to heal ourselves, to create our own abundance, to create our own lightbody. We rely less on external forms, structures and techniques since we are able to find all that we need for our evolution in ourselves. This is quite disconcerting for third dimensional consciousness which cannot understand or accept that things could be so easy! Gradually as the planet evolves, the techniques of transformation will become quicker, lighter and more simple and available to an ever increasing number of people.

Balancing the four body system

Star_tetrahedronIt is maybe useful to use the model of the four body system – physical/etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual – to help us to understand what we still need to do to come into balance and alignment. Higher energies are stepped down from the spiritual levels through the mind and the emotions to reach physical levels of manifestation. We can work on each level separately. For example, we can focus on getting our physical body into shape through exercise or diet or we can do some form of psychotherapy or emotional work. This in itself may well be valuable and useful. But if it is not seen in the larger context of who we are as a greater unity, instead of creating harmony and balance it may pull us further out of alignment. Similarly if we work on ourselves at spiritual levels without looking after the other aspects, we will sooner or later reach a point where we will be forced in some way to become aware of them. Obviously each individual being is different and we need to develop the awareness necessary to know what we personally are working on in any one particular moment and what we need to do to bring ourselves into balance. We need to learn to trust ourselves and find what works for us. It may not necessarily be what works for someone else. Again this would not necessarily invalidate a technique or method. Simply that it was or was not suitable for us in that particular moment.

Soul qualities

The work of transformation that we need to do to align ourselves to the multidimensional aspects of ourselves can be summed up in the soul qualities which will help us in our personal and collective process of healing. Awareness of our inner processes is essential as well as cultivating and reinforcing our connection to our higher self and soul in general. This we could call cultivating presence. Intention is another essential ingredient as an aspect of higher mind which can help us to have clarity and direction. But it is perhaps above all unconditional love for all creation, and particularly for ourselves which will enable us to suspend our judgement, become more accepting and compassionate so that we can learn to embrace all aspects of polarity, all aspects of ourselves. For the soul there is no difference between positive and negative and if we can bring this awareness to our personality, we will truly begin to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the past through love and learn to extend this to all beings. This can bring us to the awareness of ourselves as multidimensional beings and accelerate our healing and transformation process. As we move ahead in our evolutionary process, meditation and breathwork become essential tools which can help us to make the connections and understandings to merge with our soul.

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