Initiations of light and Breathwork

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In these days of uncertainty, unprecedented changes and challenges, humanity is nevertheless truly moving into a New Age and the conscious breathing network is in the forefront of this stage in the planet’s evolution which is concerned with our moving beyond the material dimension of existence into love, the dimension of the heart, where we are in contact with the higher vibrational energies of the soul and the masters of. light.

Many more people are becoming aware that the unconscious negative energies which we have not purified and brought to the light of awareness are causing effects which threaten the physical survival of. many lifeforms, our own included. The planet is a living being and our real purpose here is to be channels of light to heal her wounds and to bring about a return to balance and harmony in all realms in which we live. We urgently need to wake up to our true identity and purpose otherwise our beloved Earth mother will find it increasing difficult to nurture us since she is not receiving the higher vibrational energies she needs. The changing weather conditions, earthquakes and natural disasters are her way of purifying her body of the accumulated negativity which humanity has allowed to persist untransformed.

Even so the masters of light and love are sending us the vibrational energies we need to undertake the task of getting back into harmony if we are ready and open to receive them. Rebirthing is one of the ways we can prepare our physical bodies to receive these higher vibrations by transforming our energy blocks and negative energy patterns through love. It is a gift from the masters to those of. us who are willing to enter into the service of the light to help transform the energies of. the planet. Rebirthing activates and helps to open the heart chakra and thus helps us to expand this love energy which is the key to transforming the energies in our lower chakras which relate to our physical, emotional and mental bodies: tensions and contractions, repressed emotions and limiting thoughts which we hold in place through fear. In other words, as we purify our various energy bodies, we create a space for our soul or higher self to enter more fully into our physical bodies.

The various initiations which were once the prerogative of the few initiates, masters and teachers whose presence supported humanity during the earlier phases of. her evolution in this time cycle, are now within the reach of. a vast number of. advanced souls on the earth at this time. The Breathwork community is representative of. this: many people attracted to conscious breathing are advanced souls re-awakening to their divinity and their purpose in the Divine Plan.

The Earth is poised to take her first initiation, a birth to the Spirit which takes place at the level of the heart chakra and the key to this is LOVE. It is an unconditional love for all beings and for the Creator and a living reality of. healing energy. We particularly need to heal negative energy patterns in the first chakra (to feel safe and grounded), in. the second chakra (to heal our inner child and release our creativity) and in the third chakra ( to act from a knowledge of our true place in the universe) by bringing love and light down to these obscure areas within ourselves, individually and collectively.

What is essential at this time is to work individually to come into full responsibility as caretakers of the planet which means coming into the full knowledge of who we are from our own experience of our unlimited potential. We have to cut the cords which bind us at an unconscious level to family, partners, masters, mental concepts and religious and scientific ideas to learn to feel and see the TRUTH from our hearts. We also have a great need to speak and express our truth to each other in the context of groups which give us the opportunity to combine our energies to fortify them creating new models of ways of being and living together for the good of all.

The principles are very SIMPLE even if we are extremely complex beings. As I see it, these two aspects of Rebirthing, the individual healing process and the working together in coherent groups are the forerunners of. what will be seen as normal in a short time to come.


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