Multidimensional Reality

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Third Dimensional Reality

rlweb7Third dimensional reality which has been the basis of planetary existence for the greater part of humanity during the historical period in which we have been living ended at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in June 1987. The planet Earth has in fact already moved its vibrational frequency into fourth dimensional reality in which the paradigm of cause and effect which is based upon Newtonian physics, that the past causes the present, no longer applies. Similarly Cartesian philosophy which states that everything operates through logic and reason , placing the human mind as the prime creative force in our universe, also can no longer function in multidimensional reality. All structures of society and the individual personalities which are not able to or are not willing to adapt to these changes are destined to have a difficult time continuing to function in this period of transition to the new reality which will last until the year 2028 when they will definitively be obsolete and non-functioning. In this interim period both realities will co-exist and it is our choice, as it has always been, given that we live on a planet based upon free will, which reality will be the basis of our planetary existence. As individuals we are being asked to choose to adjust our vibrational frequency to that of the planet or to find a new environment off the planet in which we can continue our third dimensional experiences.

A shift in Collective Consciousness

The third dimension is the densest layer of the expansion of spirit into matter. Slower than the speed of light, it manifests the laws of time and space, so becoming particularly characterised by polarity – here and there, now and then, me and you, male and female. The collective consciousness of humanity is still to a large extent entrenched in this reality. It should be clear that even the darkest aspects of polarity form part of the Divine Plan for the evolution of consciousness and are present because we ourselves have created them so that they can be integrated and transformed. Our reality is what we believe it to be and there is still a great tendency on the part of our personalities to be emotionally magnetized and attached to the third dimension. Based upon fear, separation, conflict, the satisfaction of material desires and aspirations and the search for power and individual separate identity, the third dimensional collective consciousness of the planet cannot function in the New Age. There are signs that we are bringing in a higher frequency vibration in the desire for unity, and co-operation in political, religious and economic spheres and in our interest in other realities such as extraterrestrial, transpersonal and mystical realities. In the sciences, researchers in quantum physics are beginning to embrace the holographic paradigm as a means to explain realities which do not fit into the old Newtonian model. In technology, the global aspects of computers and the media are taking us beyond national and linguistic boundaries. However, it is necessary for each of us as individual beings to free ourselves from the magnetic attraction of collective consciousness if we wish to embody the new realities in our everyday  lives.

Fourth dimensional reality
merkabagalaxyIn fourth dimensional reality, the laws of polarity and of time and space have much less influence on the collective creative process. It is a higher vibration than the third which in practice means that everything moves faster and is more fluid. The process of creation and the spiritualization of matter happens more quickly. Our consciousness evolves beyond the confines of our physical world and our physical bodies to embrace higher aspects of our Divine being. We begin to realize that we are not limited by our past and that the Eternal Now is truly the major point of creation available to us. The old third dimensional structures are no longer useful in this dimension. As our bodies become attuned to higher frequencies, not only are we able to fully benefit from the opportunity to let go of our karmic debts and spiritualize our personalities, but we also change our DNA structure by balancing the polarities and develop our higher capacities to receive and transmit information through channelling, telepathy and intuition.

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