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And God formed man from the dust of the ground

And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life

And man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7

Conscious Breathing & Breathwork

AngelWhen we talk about breathwork, we are not talking about a particular technique or method but about the source of life itself, the spirit of breath. It is the creative energy of the breath which determines and colors our whole experience of life from birth until death: our bodily sensations, our feelings and emotions, our thoughts and our connection to spirit itself. It also teaches us about relationships: to ourselves, to others and to the whole universe in which we live.

It is therefore difficult to exactly define Breathwork and to limit it to a particular aspect of life. By definition the breath is holistic and all-encompassing. By the same token, working consciously with our breathing can have an enormous impact on our whole experience of life, so much so that it could be more accurately described as a lifestyle or way of life.

Breathe into this moment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the moment, fully here and now, in body, mind and soul? To be free of past attachments and future preoccupations?  To fully embody your creative potential as an inspired human being in loving relationship to yourself, others and all of creation?

A Valid Tool

Breathwork offers an extremely valid tool for realizing just this. By working directly with the breath, we can lay the basis for strengthening the body and the immune system, for balancing the emotions and for opening up to what we could call our “creative spirit”. We can learn to integrate naturally and gracefully the different external circumstances of our life as they change from moment to moment.

Walk in Balance

The native Americans invite us to “walk in balance on Mother Earth”. In fact, the main problems we encounter in life involve in someway balancing the polarities we find – order and chaos, pain and pleasure, male and female, birth and death, child and adult….. As Buddha taught us many years ago, we need to find the “middle way” and not be attached to the “illusions” of this dimension of reality. Jesus taught us that the way to do this is through love and through the heart.


The breath itself reflects this polarity in the inhale and exhale, taking in the new and releasing the old. By connecting the breath in a continuous, flowing, deep and relaxed rhythm, we can intuitively find a loving and compassionate balance in our life, centered on the heart. This in turn enables us to use our full creative power to complete the past, flow in the present and more effortlessly into a state of full self-realization. The corresponding emotional state is inner peace, the physical state is health and vitality and the mental state is creative intelligence.

A Breathwork Session

Breathwork can be experienced in many ways. Beginners usually commit themselves to a short series of individual sessions each lasting two hours. The main focus of the session is on the breathwork itself. A context is established for the sessions according to the needs, problems or objectives of the client. Other complementary techniques such as bodywork, creative visualization or energy alignment may also be used.

Groups & Courses

Breathwork can also be experienced in a group setting in which there is the opportunity to breath together and to share experiences with others. There are also seminars on particular topics and professional courses for those who wish to become breathworkers. Please ask for further information.

Who should do  Breathwork?

Everybody! Anybody who is willing to commit themselves to the development oft  their  vital energy and creative power  Because unconscious, negative and habitual negative breathing patterns tend to surface in moments of stress and personal crisis, breathwork is particularly suitable for whoever happens to find themselves in the middle of such a situation and can help go through major life changes with greater ease and trust.

Everyone can benefit from breathing more fully and consciously. It can help improve our physical health, deal with anxiety and panic attacks and emotional conflicts and expand our creative potential to the full. People of all ages, whether they come to Breathwork for individual personal reasons or for specific situations at home, in the family or at work have all found greater relaxation, joy and meaning in their lives.

It is also particularly indicated for people with breathing or circulation problems such as asthma, cold hands and feet, nervous problems such as anxiety, insomnia, dietary problems or depression. The breath can help release the energy blocks which cause these symptoms.

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