The third dimensional chakra system

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The Third Dimensional Chakra System

Many people recognize seven major energy centres, commonly referred to as chakrasThe word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word which translates as “wheel” or “circle”. This system has been known in India from earliest times and is the model of energetic reality widely used in various forms of yoga and in ayurvedic medicine. Each chakra in the body is a focal point of life force relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. They are the network through which body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system. Each chakra is responsible for a range of energetic frequencies and should ideally spin harmoniously and regularly in a clockwise direction, receiving and radiating energy to create health and balance in the body’s energy system.

The Chakras showing their relationship to the body

The Chakras

 When the chakras are fully open, they form a spinning sphere open at 360° radiating energy in every direction. When distorted, they may spin more slowly, in the opposite direction or may not spin at all. Physical diseases are the result of blocked energy. There are seven principal chakras present in the third dimensional physical body.

They correspond to specific aspects of consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions.

There are also other minor chakras, such as in the palms of the hands, used in magnetic healing and explaining the energetic significance of holding hands or the laying on of hands for healing, and in the soles of the feet which are important for our grounding and connection with the Earth.

The Indian Tradition

Indian Energy System

The chakras are connected to each other by subtle energy channels, called nadis in Hindu, which cover the complete etheric/physical vehicle.

In the science of Kriya Yoga, the main nadis used are Pingala, the canal of the Sun which runs down the right side of the body from the right nostril to the base of the spine, Ida, the canal of the Moon which runs down the left side of the body from the left nostril to the base of the spine and Sushumna, the central unifying column which occupies the spinal column itself.

Chakra development

New born children have very wide open crown chakras as they try to squeeze into the limits of the tiny body of a baby. With great difficulty they open the root chakra to connect to the earth. The other chakras are not yet developed or covered with any protective screen making the child very impressionable and vulnerable to incoming psychic influences which end up right in the energy field. At around the age of seven, a protective film forms over the chakra openings and the child is no longer as vulnerable as before.

Chakras in the Aura of a Baby

Childs Chakras

from Barbara Ann Brennan

Adult and Child’s Chakras Compared

from Barbara Ann Brennan

Child and Adult Chakras

The adult chakra in the upper drawing is fully developed with its protective membrane. The various chakra chambers and facets are clearly visible in this diagnostic view. The child’s chakra in the drawing below is still in a bud-like state and has no protective screening.

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