Robin Lawley

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In my life I have done many things and my intention is to share my interests and passions with whoever is interested. I grew up in the 60s and carry the optimism and desire to create a better world which exploded in those years. I was born under the sign of Aquarius and now that this Age has arrived, we have an unprecedented opportunity for individual and collective healing and transformation,  for the empowerment of our truly unlimited creative potential and to work to save our beautiful planet.

My first passion was music and I have been a singer, musician and songwriter. Music is an international language of great communicative power. I have also loved travelling and visiting other countries which has shown me that independently of our differences we share our humanity and responsibility for our planet. Consequently I have studied and learnt to speak different languages which in fact reflect the culture of their origins in terms of structure and syntax. I speak English, Italian, French and Spanish reasonably well and offer language consultancy and lessons here in Italy where I am presently living.

I have also been actively involved in healing work, primarily for myself but subsequently offering my experience to others in seminars, trainings and individual sessions. My personal search has taken me to many different approaches in the field of bodywork, technologies for creating and emotional and spiritual healing but the focus of my work remains conscious breathwork and self-awareness.  I have also explored the best that spirituality has to offer from Tibetan Buddhism to Sufism and Indian masters such as Herakhan Babaji and Osho. I hold dear the synthesis of all these teachings as a way to navigate the jungle of everyday life.

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