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Merkaba Seminars
Introductory International Courses
The Merkaba has ancient origins. In recent times it has been popularized by the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek, a native American teacher, in his work with the flower of life, now published and translated in many different countries. The Merkaba has connections with Egyptian initiatory traditions and the metaphysical aspects of the Kabala. The Merkaba is a symbol for our activated energy body, sometimes called the light body. The initiatory approach to transformation and healing traditionally has been both theoretical and experiential, applying universal principles in a practical way.
The purpose of the following courses is to present the Merkaba in a way to enable participants to create and maintain the state of unity consciousness which in fact is the ultimate secret to taking full creative responsibility for our lives and to experiencing joy, balance, harmony and synergy..

Level One – Interdimensional Reality and the Merkaba
Our energy body functions on many levels. We are usually focused on third dimensional reality, the waking consciousness of the material world in which we live. Even so, many of us find it difficult to remain centered and focused to handle the various conflicts, tensions and problems which form part and parcel of our worldly existence.
This first course focuses on the aspects of duality inherent in this dimension of reality and how to become fully present and empowered in this reality: in other words, to have our ordinary life work in an exemplary way. It will introduce participants to what, in reality, is a vast corpus of knowledge and demonstrate practical ways to select and apply appropriate information for the purposes of our personal healing and transformation.

The keys to empowerment are the breath and conscious awareness.

The work with the Merkaba includes all aspects of reality and we will work with the four body model of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Today, we are continuously bombarded with information and stimuli and in dealing with this, we have often lost the capacity “to see beyond our nose”. In this course, like Leonardo da Vinci, a classic example of the all-rounder, we will explore all the possibilities inherent in a comprehensive rather than specialist approach to transformation and healing. In the ancient mystery schools there was no difference between transformation or initiation and healing – If you heal yourself, your life is transformed; if you transform yourself, you are healed.
The topics covered in Level One

  • The origins and practical application of the Merkaba
  • Energy systems – electromagnetism, light energy, flows and blocks
  • Human energy systems – chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, the brain and causal body
  • The holographic paradigm – quantum physics and Einstein, holistic medicine and therapies
  • Numerology and Sacred Geometry
  • The meaning of dimensional shifts
  • Initiations of light and transformation
  • The human condition –duality, birth trauma and other conditioning, thoughts and emotions, physical reality.

Essential Practices – Level One

  • Conscious Breathing exercises
  • Merkaba breathing techniques
  • Sound and movement
  • Opening the heart to love
  • Meditation and Conscious Awareness
  • Joy and laughter
  • Sharing

Results to be obtained from participating in Level One

  • Integrating different aspects of duality –body/spirit; male/female
  • Understanding of personal and collective conditioning factors
  • Generating a new flow of energy in the merkaba vehicle
  • Identifying energy blocks on different levels and integrating them
  • Personal presence and empowerment in the third dimension

Level Two – Activating the merkaba & Light Body

The second level is offered to more advanced students and requires attendance at a Level One Course, also to give participants time to familiarize themselves with the practices. In this course, we will move beyond third dimensional factors with the aim of establishing a grounding in the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality – unconditional love, compassion and spiritual understanding.

Topics covered in Level Two

  • Activating chakra flow in integrity
  • Activating the Earth Star and Soul Star
  • Advanced approaches to healing and transformation
  • Creating abundance, prosperity and loving relationships
  • Overcoming limitations
  • Maintaining relaxed and aware states of consciousness

Results to be obtained from participating in Level Two

  • The ability to be centered and relaxed in your heart centre
  • A sense of personal direction and purpose
  • An experiential understanding of the light body and different dimensions
  • Personal presence and empowerment in the fourth dimension
  • Enhanced creative capacities
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