Merkaba Seminar Books

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  • All books are available in pdf format for download. They are distributed on a donation basis via Paypal  []

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Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba – A Brief Introduction

The book you need to understand the basics of sacred geometry in preparation for the Merkaba Meditation. [97 pages]

Topics covered include:

  • Geometrical figures of Pythagoras and Archimedes
  • Leonardo da Vinci and Vitruvian Man
  • The Golden Spiral
  • Buckminster Fuller and Tensegrity
  • The New Cosmology
  • Sacred Geometry and Creation
  • The Flower of Life
  • Human Sacred Geometry
  • Electromagnetic Energy Fields & the Tube Torus
  • Multidimensional Reality
  • Sacred Geometry in Art, Music & Architecture
  • The Merkaba Meditation




Earth Changes and Multidimensional Reality Volume One

Earth Changes & Metaphysical Aspects of Multidimensional Reality [105 pages]

  • Topics include
                          1. Developments in Quantum Physics 
                          2. The Holographic Paradigm             
                          3. Earth Changes             
                          4. The Solar magnetic fields and Sun Spot Activity             
                          5. The Photon Belt 
                          6. Crystalline Planet 
                          7. The Mayan Calendar                                               
                          8. Sacred Geometry 
                          9. Engineers, Architects and Cosmologists   







Earth Changes and Multidimensional Reality Volume Two

A guide to spiritual initiations and the physics and metaphysics of multidimensional reality [143 pages]

Topics include:

  • The Chakras in the Dimensions
  • Energy Bodies in the Dimensions
  • The Esoteric Science of the Twelve Rays
  • The Masters & the Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Spiritual Initiations & Ascension
  • The Angelic Realms
  • Channelling & Spirit Guides
  • Messages from the Stars










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