the flower of life

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From the rotational vortex patterns which were set in motion in the genesis, new forms of creation are created every time a rotational pattern is completed. The rotation always begins at the Innermost Places, the sixth day of Genesis.


The next rotation produces what is known as the Egg of Life by erasing some of the lines in the two-dimensional representation. The Egg of Life is actually eight spheres, the eighth lying directly behind the middle sphere. The Egg of Life is the pattern through which the harmonics of music and of the electromagnetic spectrum are connected and it is also the pattern which underlies all biological life.

egg of life

The next rotation creates the outline and the correct number of spheres for the Flower of Life. This figure contains seven circles. However in ancient sacred sites and temples, the Flower of Life is usually found in a two-dimensional form:

flower of life

By continuing with the rotations in the Flower of Life, we arrive at another image called the Fruit of Life, which is contained proportionally inside the Flower of Life and can be extended to infinity as a logarithmic spiral, a primary geometrical pattern of our universe, based numerically on the number 13.


The Fruit of Life contained within the Flower of Life:

 Picture8All the rotations which we have so far considered, apart from the first shapes, have been created by female energy curved lines. When male and female combine, something new is manifested and now if we connect all the centres of the spheres on the Fruit of Life, we arrive at a figure known as Metatron’s Cube:

metatrons cube

This figure contains within it the three-dimensional replica of four of the five Platonic solids. The criteria for the Platonic solids are that all their edges are equal, that there is only one surface and one angle and that all the points fit on the surface of a sphere:

platonic solidsPlatonic Solids extracted from Metatron’s Cube


platonic cube

star tetrahedron

platonic star tetrahedron


platonic octahedron


platonic icosahedron

In the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Atlantis categorized these shapes as the basis of our planetary existence as elements. The tetrahedron is fire, the cube is earth, the octahedron is air, the icosahedron is water and the dodecahedron is ether or prana. The sphere is the void from which all came. These shapes are found in atomic structure and in the structure of crystals.

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