sacred geometry and the genesis

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To balance right brain feminine intuition and left brain masculine knowledge and thus move into unity consciousness, the ancient Egyptians in the time of Akhunaton offered two trainings for initiates called the Left Eye and Right Eye of Horus, each lasting 12 years. The Left Eye of Horus focused on the emotional body and intuitive spiritual integration while the Right Eye of Horus focused on the logical side of spiritual creation.

The information about spiritual creation which comes down to us from Akhunaton which leads to the most important figure of sacred geometry for our universe, the flower of life, is as follows:

From the Great Void, spirit projected itself as far as it could go in all six directions, up and down, forward and backward, and left and right.


The next step was for spirit to connect the lines to first form a square, then a pyramid and then to bring the lines down into a pyramid below so forming an octahedron. Now spirit had the reality of an octahedron around it and boundaries had been established for further movement.




Spirit then began to rotate the three axes, thus tracing the image of a sphere. In sacred geometry, a straight line is considered male and a curved line, female. By rotating the octahedron on its axis, spirit went from being male to female.

The spirit of God not03w finds itself inside a sphere. This moment of the Creation is referred to in the Bible by the creation of woman after man had already been created. This movement from straight to curved lines rendered the geometric progression of creation much easier.The Bible refers to this moment as “The spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” and in the progression of sacred geometry, spirit now moves out of the Great Void to the surface of the sphere and from this movement, creation automatically follows step by step until the entire universe is created.

The third verse of Genesis states “And God said, Let there be light, and there was light” The next step after moving to the surface is the creation of another sphere, creating two interlocked spheres, known as a vesica piscis, which in fact is the metaphysical structure behind light. This represents the first day of Genesis.Where the two spheres meet in the Vesica Piscis,  the next step is to create another sphere from this point creating the image of the second day of Genesis, A rotational motion now begins to happen on the surface of the sphere until it completes itself. Getting to the sixth day of Genesis, we have six circles fitting together perfectly with nothing left over. On the seventh day, spirit rests, because the genesis and all the laws of the universe are now complete. As the image continues to rotate in a vortex, three-dimensional objects begin to come out of the pattern.t04t05t06


In the beginning was the Word

Sacred Geometry is not just lines on a page, it is the sacred motions of spirit in the Void. It is like a map of the movements necessary, in our case, to move out of the Great Void to third dimensional reality on planet Earth.

The fit12rst image to come out of this pattern is a tube torus which emerges from the first six rotations of the Genesis. This image is a primal shape of our universe and is unique in that it moves in on itself. The researcher, Stan Tenen, removed the minimum amount of matter to delineate the tube torus and placed it inside a three-dimensional tetrahedron. He found that by shining alight through it so that the shadow of that shape came out onto a two-dimensional surface, he could generate all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, exactly as they are written and in order. By changing the shape to different positions, he was able to project the Greek and Arabic letters in the same way. And so the first thing to come out of Genesis is the connection of metaphysical form to language.



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