the power of love

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A seminar to rediscover the incredible healing and transformational power of the human heart.


We live in a world where we have forgotten who we really are, where we have lost our connection with Mother Earth and nature and where the logic of the mind, science and technology reign supreme. Our emotions and spiritual nature are seen as secondary aspects of our being even while, in fact, they remain the deeper moving forces of our lives.

The results of this are manifest. We live in a world of apparent instability which is out of balance. There is movement and there is no movement. A paradox! But maybe this is part of the process of moving to a new level of consciousness!

On the other hand, maybe this too is illusion and heart and mind somewhere in our being move together in perfect harmony.

This is not a seminar dedicated to resolving problems but rather to rediscovering our forgotten abilities to create and co-create the world we hold dear in our heart..

The seminar is about healing the separation of polarity consciousness and consequently bringing all into alignment with unity consciousness from where truly all things are possible.

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