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A simple but profound journey of rediscovery of our multidimensional origins

As we go about our daily lives, just how conscious and aware are we of the various levels of reality which surround us. We are brought up to believe in the polarity consciousness of the world at large. It’s an inevitable part of our evolution. We come to believe that we live in a world separate from the rest of creation and spend time, energy and money trying to resolve the situation. If I were richer, more beautiful, more successful, more giving, more confident, more assertive ……… The more we try to move our lives in this direction, we ironically simply reinforce the separation, the differences, the sense of isolation, emptiness and inadequacy which this way of thinking perpetuates. The focus is always “outside” of ourselves, on what we possess materially, what others think and feel about us and our pursuit of happiness in this way leads us open to the manipulation of others who maybe also believe in the same reality, particularly the media and advertising, but also in the social and economic milieu in which we live our lives. Underlying this belief system, because this is really only one of the possible versions of reality that we could adopt, is a sense of powerlessness, fear of survival and lack of trust in the natural creative process of life. The greater part of all the maladies, conflicts, illness and disease, dissatisfaction which fill television talk shows and daily newspapers and even the so-called health or New Age magazines and which the world at large is continuously engaged with are in fact a preoccupation with a level of reality which is really a collective illusion, which needn’t exist and which is only held together by the belief systems of millions of individuals all over the planet!

Maybe right now as you read these words that particular belief system is being stimulated. How are you feeling right now? A little uneasy, or in that-may-be-true-for-all-the-planet-but-not-for-me-mode or these are only mind games, or indignant, or whatever…. Still if there really is no separation, these must be also your thoughts somewhere along the line… I hope you will want to continue reading!!

A new born child exists on a different level of reality. Non-verbal, non-linear, spontaneous and tremendously sensitive. He or she is not separate. In fact the memory of having shared space and consciousness with his or her mother is still very close. There is no judgement, me and you, us and them, male and female, good and evil. Everything just is. Strangely enough this is exactly what the students of great mystery schools and initiation schools seek to obtain for their “enlightenment” and self-realisation. One of my favourite quotes of the sayings of Jesus is “Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”. Adults often however have great difficulty to be around children, to share such an intense energetic space and tend to look down on little children as being in someway inferior. But it is our own inner child with its innocence and vulnerability which will lead us to greater joy and happiness in our lives.

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